Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Starbucks Planner quest now completed!

Last week, we have finally completed all the needed stickers for us to acquire Starbucks' 2008 Planner. Yoohoo!... And we were told by the barista that we were the fourth to claim the planner from their branch in Bonifacio Global City.

We were able to complete it after we have asked 8 officemates to purchase their coffee after lunchtime. We ordered a Coffee Frappe, 5 Toffee Nut Frappes, a Machiatto, a brewed coffee and a Mocha Frappe. We also had to pay extra for two drinks so that we can get upgrade the stickers for the regular drinks to their season special drinks. =)

Well the planner looked good. It's a lot thinner than what they had last year. It has a thin leather cover which looked elegant. And since it is thinner, it is easier to put in a bag like a regular notebook.

I'd have to see if my wife will be able to use this a lot more regularly than this year's planner.

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