Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quest for the 2008 Starbucks Planner

It's that same time of the year again when Starbucks is offering the chance of getting their annual planner. And just like every year one would need to buy a certain number of regular and season special Starbucks drink. This year one need to purchase any 12 regular and 12 season special drinks of any size, hot or cold for a sticker. The special drinks this year are Praline Mocha, Peppermint and Toffee Nut.

And so yesterday (11/08), we started the quest on grabbing one by asking some friends to buy some drinks. We were able to convince 6 colleagues to donate their stickers. Our friends bought 6 different regular drinks, my wife Mocha Frap, and I tried their Toffenut Frap. So on our first day we already got 8 stickers (7 regular, 1 special). But oh, we were able to see a card with 1 sticker whom a customer left on the table. We used that card to stick in our 8 stickers, giving us 9 stickers in total.

Today (11/09), we again go back to Starbucks for another set of drinks. I convinced another colleague to buy one and give us his sticker. We bought a Chocolate Cream Chip, a Coffee Jelly and I tried the Praline Mocha flavor. 12 more stickers to go!

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