Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Project Ends...

Another project ends. And like what we have done, as a tradition in our team, the main lead will be treating the whole team for a "power lunch". During our current work project for Dell Computers deployment to their new factory in Poland, I lead a team of 16 testers for the EMFP Start-up project.

For the past three years of testing for this group, I have already stood up as the Test coordinator to our Austin Leads for 3 projects now. And like in the past, I have given a power lunch for my team. This is our way of thanking the whole team for their hard work. Well, it's feels good to finish a new project and happy to have a great team working along with you the whole way.

And so, today at lunch time, I have invited all my team members plus some guests for a power lunch to Shakey's Pizza in Glorietta. All in all we are 22 and we have grouped ourselves into four cars to drive all of us from here in our Global City office to Glorietta in Makati.

Getting there has become a challenge. Probably due to the explosion that happened in Glorietta 2, people evaded the Park Square building causing other parking areas to be full. And so after routing around Makati looking of a parking place, we ended parking in Park Square 2.

And so, everybody had fun during lunch and I was thankful for everyone who have come.

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