Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday was a day that was dedicated for fathers. It was a special day and the day became more special as I celebrated it with my family. It was just a simple celebration. We just opted to go out for dinner.

Anyways, we started the daya by hearing mass. Unfortunately our priest didn't do any blessing for the dads for he had done it already last week after he got confused on the actual date of Fathers Day.

And so last night, we decided to go to Don Henrico's restaurant in West Avenue in Quezon City. At first we were thinking of heading to Penang Hill restaurant in Greenhills but fortunately we didn't as we were told that traffic was really bad there last night and restaurants are jam packed with families celebrating as well.

Coming from home in Caloocan, we drove through Quezon Ave to get to the restaurant. It was not that packed last night and so we got seats after a few minutes.

While waiting, we took some pictures of Janine whom is sporting an I Love Daddy shirt.. hehehe.. well Jen bought it for her for tonight. We ordered for a Supreme thin crusted pizza, a baked ziti, and Don Hen's signature Buffalo chicken.

It was such a good dinner and the best thing there is watching Janine eat by her own.

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