Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kid Salon

When I was younger, I remember getting myself rejected by a barber from cutting my hair. This is for a reason that many barbers or haircutters find kids as a very hard client to handle. Kids tend to move a lot and is very hard to instruct to stay still. I guess being on a seat for sometime may be very boring for a child.

Well, I saw why it was so now that I had a toddler myself. My wife would have a hard time to make my baby sit still while she cut her hair. We even only had successfully cut her bangs while the baby's asleep and when I tried to distract her.

Luckily, these days Kid Salons have opened up in the metro. I think it's a blessing for parents to ensure their kids would have a better haircut even when they move around a lot.

And so, we went into this Kid Salon one Sunday before mass in Robinsons Galleria Mall in Quezon City. The haircut costs Php270. Also, I think the salon had other branches in other major malls in the metro.

The salon's setup is that instead of barber's chairs, they had race car carts as their seats for the kids. This way kids may take hold of their car's steering wheels. Also, beside their big mirror is a TV screen where they played cartoons to distract the kids. And aside from that, the salon is filled with stuffed toys, toy cars and other stuff that kids can play on to.

And so, the first thing we did is select a car chair. I chose the red one for my kid. And so with my DSLR I started taking shots of my baby as her hair is being cut. We had asked for the Mr. Bean cartoons to be played on the TV as it is my baby's favorite.

And after about 15 minutes of snips and cuts, it's done. And Janine now has her new apple-cut style. It was such an easy one for her hair cutter.

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