Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pigging Out in Max's Chicken

Last Saturday night, Jen and I have decided to try out the latest promo of Max's Restaurant which is amongst the favorite of Filipinos for their delicious fried chicken.  The restaurant chain is currently celebrating their 65th year in business and they have offered a Chicken-All-You-Can promo.   

For a price of Php165, one can eat to his fill of Max's tasty chicken.  And so we did.  That night we chose to go to their Liberty Plaza branch which is along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.   We opted the place since we know that branches in malls must be lined up with too many customers.   And we went there a few minutes before 6pm.   The promo only runs between 6-10pm daily.

And so, we ordered for two Chicken-All-You-Can, plus bottomless 7Up.   And a few minutes later, we were served with our first set.   They serve 1/4 Chicken piece at a time.  I opted for the breast part with wings while Jen took thigh part with legs.  And about every 5 or 10 minutes, a waiter carrying baskets of chicken roam the dining area asking for people who took the promo if they want a Chicken refill.

Since Max's Chicken is best eaten with catsup mixed with Worcestershire sauce plus a portion of hot sauce, at about our 3rd round we were already asking for a catsup refill.  Throughout the meal, Jen and I were joking on how many pieces we can eat and it was fun.  Anyways, she ended up eating 4 parts while I ate 5 parts.   And we piled up all the chicken remains, mostly bones in one plate at the center.

At about our 4th round, some crew members performed a chicken dance for the customers.  Apparently, this is part of the whole promo and all branches are doing that.  A select set of crew joined the performance which includes their waiters, cooks, delivery guys, and waitresses.

Well, at about the fourth round Jen has already told our waitress that she is already tapping out as she felt full already.   I myself thought of me being full as well in the middle of my fifth round that's why I decided not to take another part.   And I'd say that amount of chicken is not heavy in the belly but it's our minds and tongues that says enough with the chicken.  I guess it would take me at least a month or more to go back eating in Max's.

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