Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pacific Region in Disaster

In the last few days, disaster after disaster has occurred in some countries in the region. Mother nature appears to be trying to tell us something.

Last Sept. 26, tropical storm Ketsana (local name: Ondoy) just passed through the Philippines, putting Manila deep in flash floods and mud leaving about 300 people dead. The typhoon continued its path to Vietnam as a typhoon flooding some of its central cities. Cambodia along experienced flooding because of this. Ketsana caused a number of casualties also in this countries and millions worth of damages to property and livestock, and thousands of families displaced and in need of relief. A super typhoon, Parma (local name: Pepeng) is also near the Philippine area of responsibility threatens the cities submerged by flooding caused by Ketsana.

Three days later Sept 29, an 8.0 magnitude underwater earthquake broke out in the Pacific causing a tsunami to hit Samoa and Tonga. This left more than 100 people dead. Another underwater earthquake occurred near Samoa again the day after at 5.5 magnitude

Sept 30, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia which brought casualties of about 500 already. The day after, two earthquakes on the same island also erupted with magnitudes of 6 up. These earthquakes were also felt in Singapore.

It seems very unusual that natural events have been occurring consecutively in this region and occurs just day after the other and earthquakes occurring twice in the same area. Is this a sign that our Earth is trying to inform us something? Is it a sign that the world is changing? Or is the end of days is nearing?

I hope that cities and people in this region gets more prepared on unforseen events that may come in the future, that less people get displaced or become casualties.

Is it a sign or simply a coincidence?

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