Monday, March 30, 2009

Moving to Another Company

Just October of last year, I made the decision of leaving my old company, WeServ Systems which is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Philippines hoping for a better opportunity to another company. And so, I've decided to move to ProV International which is located in Makati.

It was such a hard decision to make. After all, I have spent 8 long years in WeServ and have made a lot of friends and stature in the said company. But again, due to economic reasons and having a new family I have decided to proceed on moving to ProV. Well ProV offered me about double of what I earn in WeServ. Such an irresistable offer.

And now, jump 6 months after. I did not realize that I'll be again undergoing a transition to a new company. This is something I have not thought of doing but due to the current situation I had to do it. Since January, ProV had laid off a number of people. Since last year, many employees are disheartened by how things are going on. Some have left and some were forced to leave.

And so, starting tomorrow, I'll be joining the fleet of people who decided to move on to another opportunity. I feel fortunate that I landed on a project which has offered to take care of us in this times of economic crisis. As other felt the burden of looking for a new employer, I had a hand who caught me from being thrown out of the window.

As I face a new opportunity beginning tomorrow, I hope this would end up better. I hope I won't get disappointed like I had with ProV. And hopefully in the next few month, we finally join Besix.

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bing said...

change is pain but it is also good. it is okay to move to another if you think it would contribute to your personal and technical growth.

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